Doyenne offers people access to one-on-one coaching with the Doyenne founders and Ambassadors. It is easy to get stuck inside your own head. We encourage you to reach out to us or other professionals to get advice and support.


Things to keep in mind

We suggest you keep a few things in mind as you consider engaging coaches:

  • Start early: You don’t have to have it all figured out BEFORE you meet with coaches. The whole point of a coaching session is to help you figure it out. We know sometimes things are messy.
  • Be you: Our coaches want to help you achieve your dreams. To be most helpful, they need to get to know you a bit.  We encourage you (and our coaches) to try to be your authentic selves in the coaching session. At Doyenne you count, you’re legit, we take you seriously. (Refreshing, eh?) Take down the mask and be a little vulnerable – it is the best way to invest in you.
  • Advice is Advice: Ultimately you are the one who makes decisions about your business. A coach helps explore and evaluate options WITH you; they are not there to tell you what to do. Coaches are human and have a particular lived experience from which they operate – from which they offer you suggestions. Some will connect more with you and your venture, others won’t. That’s normal.
  • Service Agreement: When you register to meet with a Doyenne Coach you agree to our Coaching Terms of Service Agreement


Below are the Doyenne Coaches you can sign up for sessions with. Click “Learn More” to see their calendar and book an appointment.

Ashley Quinto Powell


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Jill Peterson

Jill spent seven years at the Division of Information Technology managing Help Desk operations as a student and running statewide implementations of new systems after graduating with her BA from UW – Madison. She joined Zendesk in 2013 and has worked with hundreds of companies and nonprofits around the globe as they start or scale their customer support/tech or consider social impact strategies.


Areas of Coaching

  • Customer Service Strategy and Scaling
  • Technical Tools/SaaS Software
  • Social Impact Business Strategy
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Laura Gmeider

You can find Laura at the intersection of leadership development and business strategy. She coaches emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Laura is a certified laser coach and contributor for the International Coach Federation. Her passion projects include: Disrupt Madison/Milwaukee, “If You Don’t, Who Will?” Empowered Women Empowering Women short documentary. Learn more:


Areas of Coaching

  • Leadership (Mindset/Confidence)
  • Communication (PR/Marketing/Negotiation/Speaking)
  • Strategy (Idea generation)
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Madhavi Krishnan


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