Doyenne Summit

The Doyenne Summit is an invite only day-long Summit bringing leaders from organizations working to benefit women entrepreneurs together from across the country to Madison, Wisconsin to learn from each others successes, failed attempts, and collaborations within their home communities to create economic impact for women entrepreneurs.

Join us on Thursday, June 14th in Madison, WI
for a day created for you and the women entrepreneurs you serve


The day-long workshop will have speakers, small group work sessions, collaborative explorations, and time to celebrate the progress women entrepreneurs have made because of the work we’re doing.

The Experience - How It Works

More information coming soon…


More coming soon…

Criteria, Value and Cost

Criteria: The Doyenne Summit is an invite only event. Attendees must be individuals who are founders, partners, or employees of organizations with missions directly impacting women entrepreneurs.

Interested individuals can fill out the Request An Invite form below to be considered for inviting.

Value: Besides large-scale conferences or individual meeting requests, there is no other opportunity bringing these organizations all to the same table to have have deep-diving, intimate conversations about what’s working and what’s not working for your organization, the women entrepreneurs you serve, and your communities as a whole.

Your time at the Summit will leave you with new ideas, fresh approaches, and a collaborative group of individuals who are already doing similar work for you to continue to connect and work with once you’re back in your home cities.

Cost: The Doyenne Summit costs $450 per individual to attend. Organizations are limited to 2 participants to attend.

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Questions & Contact

If you have any questions about the Doyenne Summit, please contact us at when you email please mention Doyenne Summit in the subject line of your email

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