Fundamental Four

The Doyenne Fundamental Four series brings experienced, local industry leaders to come and have a targeted conversation with you about their area of expertise and how it fits into your venture and venture’s growth.

The series is conducted with the understanding that taking the leap into entrepreneurship and venture growth is something that can’t be taught any other way than going through the experience and learning along the way. Facilitators have been selected because they work with entrepreneurs on a daily basis to build entrepreneur’s confidence in making decisions outside of their core knowledge and present topics in an easy to understand format for you to be able to implement in your venture.

The Experience - Workshop Topics

The Fundamental Four series takes place on the 2nd and 4th Friday from 8:30-10am over a 2-month timeline.

A maximum of 10 participants can register for each workshop. During each workshop, a rotating facilitator will present a 30- to 45-minute lecture-style program outlining the big picture items within their topic, this will be followed by a 45- to 60-minutes sit-down conversation with the group about how the big ideas can be made to fit the needs of their venture and entrepreneurial growth. 

Attendees can register for individual or entire series of workshops. We understand that venture needs change as growth happens; if you register for an entire series you can pick and choose which workshop date in the various series will work for you throughout the year.

Workshop topics:


Workshop #1: Negotiating Contracts & Evaluating Self Worth

YOU ARE WORTH IT! So many times we undervalue what we’re worth when it comes to selling ourselves or professional services. Ashley will help you understand business negotiations from sitting on both sides of the table for how to work to get what you want

  • Contract proposals
  • Setting your self-worth and sticking to it
  • Terms of Service deals that are written in “lawyer language”
  • How to navigate a negotiation

Workshop #2: Identifying & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You don’t have to be a technology company to have Intellectual Property (IP). Danielle & Israel work with entrepreneurs every day to identify companies IP and act as a guide as to what your rights are and how to take steps towards IP ownership. Some IP examples that will be covered are

  • Registering trademark for venture name
  • Logo and branding design
  • Tagline and message
  • Website content
  • Technologies

Workshop #3: The Role of Accounting & Finance

Creating a budget sheet and projections when you’re a startup usually involves a lot of trial and error and crossed fingers when it comes to the end of year bookkeeping. Luella Schmidt will show you that accounting isn’t a scary topic and make you look forward to creating your annual budget and meeting expectations

  • Profits vs growth
  • Common entrepreneur questions
  • Financial statements and terms you should know
  • Cash vs accrual
  • Internal controls
  • Projections, budgeting, and forecasting

Workshop #4: Evaluating Potential Technology Partners

What do the terms ISP, SRM, SASS, IoT, CSS, Ruby all have in common? They all create a linguistic divide between technical and non-technical speaking people. Jillana and Christina will bridge that divide by explaining different technical languages and how to get what you need from your technical partners

  • Basic tech lingo
  • Bridging the communication gap
  • Should I build, buy, or subscribe?
  • Linking short- and long-term technology needs with business objectives


Dates & Titles of Sessions

All programming takes place at Horizon Coworking Space from 8:30-10:00 AM on the date listed below

Series 1
January 12th – Negotiating Contracts & Evaluating Self Worth
26th – Identifying & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

9th – The Role of Accounting & Finance
23rd – Evaluating Potential Technology Partners

Series 2
March  9th – Negotiating Contracts & Evaluating Self Worth
23rd – Identifying & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

13th – The Role of Accounting & Finance
27th – Evaluating Potential Technology Partners


Series 3
May 11th – Negotiating Contracts & Evaluating Self Worth
25th – Identifying & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

8th – The Role of Accounting & Finance
22nd – Evaluating Potential Technology Partners



The Facilitators

The four facilitators selected to present during the Fundamental Four workshops have long histories of working with entrepreneurs in their fields of expertise. Each facilitator is committed to your growth and success as an entrepreneur.

Ashley Quinto Powell, Negotiating Contracts & Evaluating Self Worth

Ashley is the VP of Sales at Nei-Turner Media Group.

Ashley speaks nationally on how to advocate for yourself and your needs as a professional woman in business. Knowing your bottom line and sticking to it is all about confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Ashley is also the founder of #BossMoms, a leader of Madison’s Women in Tech organization, and recognized on various lists and publications for her abilities and contributions to the entrepreneurial community.

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Luella Schmidt, The Role of Accounting & Finance

Luella is the founder and CEO of Fine Point Consulting, a boutique firm that provides accounting, CFO, and human resources solutions for startups and nonprofits.
A CPA and MBA, Luella spent her career serving small businesses as CFO or Controller before launching Fine Point Consulting in 2006. Luella is an active mentor for Doyenne, Gener8tor, and MadWorks, and serves on the board of the YMCA of Dane County. She is also a founding advisory board member of CultureCon, a nonprofit organization with a mission to impact the workplace by spreading positive change around organizational culture.
Luella believes in the nobility of entrepreneurship, is an advocate for servant leadership, and is a passionate supporter of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Jillana Peterson

While pursuing Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Studies and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Jillana (Jill) Peterson was exposed to the tech world through several years working the Division of Information Technology Help Desk. In 2013, Peterson joined Zendesk, a Danish software company now headquartered in San Francisco. Since she joined the company, the Madison office has grown from 5 to 170 employees, went public, and started the Zendesk Neighbor Foundation. As a member of Zendesk’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, Jill helps manage Foundation grants, employee volunteer opportunities and partnerships and projects with area nonprofits and startups.

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Christina Outlay

Christina Outlay is associate professor of Information Technology (IT) at UW-Whitewater (UW-W) and creator of colorcoded, whose mission is to get more girls, minorities and low-income youth interested in computing. She also runs the CyberGirlz middle school summer camp at UW-Whitewater. Christina holds a bachelors and masters from DePaul University and a PhD from University of Illinois at Chicago and has 12 years of IT corporate experience. Christina is a board member for Ghana Code Club, 2017 Brava Woman to Watch, and 2013 UW System Outstanding Woman of Color in Education. In addition to IT, Christina teaches fitness and indoor cycling classes in the Madison area. @colorcodedwi

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Neider & Boucher

Neider & Boucher is a leading legal provider committed to serving the community.

They have a long history of supporting entrepreneurs and Doyenne members.

Criteria, Value and Cost

Criteria: The Fundamental Four workshops are open to Doyenne members only. You can sign up to become a member when you register for the Fundamental Four series.

The Fundamental Four series is for people who have already started a business or are thinking to start a business.

Value: The Fundamental Four series is an experience that will elevate you and your venture. There are not many opportunities available for entrepreneurs to learn these “behind the scenes” lessons and skills without paying for them, either through trial and error or literally paying for time from experts to work with them

The value of this professional development opportunity, based on the average hourly consult per the Fundamental Four facilitators, would total $1,500. Doyenne is offering it at $100 for the entire four workshop series! You can also register for a la carte workshops at $30 each. We are committed to making entrepreneurial training and development accessible to more people, so Doyenne finds ways to off-set the price through fundraising and other revenue streams.


All workshops take place on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month from 8:30-10am at the Horizon Co-Working Space – 7 N. Pinckney St, 3rd Floor, Room 300C.

Questions & Contact

If you have any questions about the Doyenne Fundamental Four programming, please contact us at when you email please mention Fundamental Four in the subject line of your email

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