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Join our Movement. Women entrepreneurs are a source of untapped potential in our community who can have tremendous economic and social impact. Yet women have less access to critical resources such as mentoring, networks, and funding than their male counterparts. We don’t think that’s right, so we’re doing something about it.

  • Wisconsin ranks 38th for Women’s Entrepreneurship.
  • In Wisconsin, women only receive 9% of the $86 million available.
  • Wisconsin, at 25% falls behind the national average of 33% in women starting and leading businesses.
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Women are a Good Investment

Communities that effectively support women entrepreneurs are more likely to thrive than those that don’t, per AmEx Open research. In addition to a 61% startup success rate nationwide, the average women-owned business:

  • Provides a 66% return on investment
  • Achieves 12% higher revenues
  • Uses 1/3 less capital to scale and exit

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