Forward Fest 2017 // News // Notes from the Executive Director // Jul 06 2017

If you haven’t heard, Forward Fest is the word!

Doyenne launched during Forward Fest 2012, and since then we have been active participants of the Festival with hosting, organizing, and presenting at events.

Forward Fest is Wisconsin’s largest technology and entrepreneurship festival taking place August 17-24, 2017 here in Madison.
Originally founded because everyone except entrepreneurs were on vacation, local entrepreneurs came together to use the time to reconnect and gain new connections. Now in its 8th year, Forward Fest has become an8-dayy Festival merging all sectors and styles of entrepreneurship into over 40 kickass events to learn new skills and ideas, make new connections, and bring our community together in fun, non-traditional settings.

Doyenne wants you to take full advantage of Forward Fest and use it as a tool to move you and your business FORWARD.

Doyenne Hosted Events

Doyenne Co-founders sit on Organizing Committees and/or Co-Chair

Doyenne Member & Community Partners Organized Events

Are you organizing or hosting an event and it’s not on our list? Get it added now!

Pitch Events

There are a variety of Pitch Events taking place during Forward Fest as a way to get in front of different audiences to:

  1. Practice and hone your pitch
  2. Access to investors and funding sources
  3. Introduce your business to new audiences and potential clients

(Events listed below are by date of the actual event, not by the application deadline. Please check application deadlines on each event as they are all different)

Forward Pass

If you are going to attend Forward Fest, the Forward Pass is the way to get VIP access at a reduced price. While many of the events during Forward Fest are free, save big by bundling your registrations and be first on registrations lists (which always sell out).
Deadline to purchase a Forward Pass is August 7th.
Use Doyenne Discount Code DG2017FP when purchasing your Forward Pass!


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