Janet M Chen

Shrub Maker


Mad Maiden Shrub's mission is support and education. We support local, farmers, FEED Kitchens, other vendors. We educate about the environment, self care, conscious food, subtle human transformation. The cultures passed on is both in being good to the land and in preserving food. Other interests include knitting, unity consciousness, and Chinese martial arts. In her spare time, Janet works on easy cover songs.


Starting with organic apples from Wisconsin, Mad Maiden Shrub infuses apple cider vinegar with flavors of the midwest. We offer two flavors: Honey Ginger and Cranberry Shrub. There is also a Seasonal Shrub, which varies with fruit available each season. There are two customers: natural food grocery and cocktail customer. This product is a tart, sour flavor profile for making drinks at home. Problems the customer can solve: 1) Making drinks to their own preference, 2) Education on reducing waste via making drinks rather than purchasing plastic containers, and 3) Giving a gift to an adventurous foodie.