Sara Parthasarathy

Entrepreneur, Flavor Temptations

Sara and Partha are a husband and wife team who founded Flavor Temptations 4 years ago. Between the two of them, they have more than more than 6 decades of experience in various disciplines ranging from cooking authentic Indian food, finance, strategic planning, information technology, data management, sales and project management.

Flavor Temptations was formed with an objective of providing customers opportunities to learn to cook and relish authentic, ethnic culinary meals. Flavor Temptations recipe packets are marketed under brand name ‘Flavor Temptations’ available in retail and food service versions. Both versions of recipe packs contain pre-portioned, all natural organic ingredients, time-tested Indian recipes, and easy-to-follow instructions. Ingredients included in recipe packs are 100% Organic and gluten-free. Many of the recipes help create vegan and vegetarian entrees. Our recipe packs are sold in over 25 stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Flavor Temptations business values are to Share, Support and Sustain. Using our recipe packs, customers can Share culinary experiences with family and friends. Our customers also Support local businesses an farmers when they purchase fresh ingredients needed for the recipe from local grocers. In addition,Flavor Temptations donates a portion of sales proceeds to Feeding America. Lastly, customers can Sustainably prepare healthy meals without waste.

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