Strategy Accelerator

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You have big goals

It’s time to reach them

The Doyenne Strategy Accelerator is a three month program designed to help entrepreneurs develop a strong strategic foundation for their ventures. 

This foundation is critical, yet typically short-changed in the chaos of a startup. Without clarity on their business strategy, it is extremely hard to determine where to focus time, energy, and dollars, and how to gather the kind of support they need.

The Doyenne Strategy Accelerator helps entrepreneurs to:

  • Develop an authentic version of herself as an entrepreneur and CEO

  • Formulate a clear vision of her future and the future of her venture

  • Identify a strategic approach, critical milestones, and immediate plan of action

  • Craft an effective story/pitch to tell people about her venture

  • Build a community of fellow entrepreneurs and supporters

It is extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to do this strategic work on their own. No matter how smart and capable you are, you need people who have the expertise to help you see more clearly and prioritize your goals.

The Experience

The Strategy Accelerator unfolds in 3 phases:

The Doyenne Strategy Accelerator is divided into three major phases that build on each other over the course of three months 

Accelerator Welcome Workshop

The first step in the Strategy Accelerator is to build community through a Welcome Workshop that introduces each of the attendees and their ventures. Doyenne facilitators will lead the group through a storytelling process, one which will be replicated over the next three months.

Phase 1: Know Thyself

We begin the Accelerator Strategy Accelerator by deepening each entrepreneur's understanding of themselves.

Personality Workshop (One Day): It is critical for entrepreneurs to know how their particular approach to the world shapes their role as a founder and CEO. In this day-long workshop, entrepreneurs take a personality assessment and work with a coach to identify their strengths, what complementary strengths they will need from team members, and how to navigate through and benefit form the team's diversity.

Visual Logic Model Workshop (One Day): In this day-long workshop, entrepreneurs will work with an expert facilitator, artists, and their peers to create a visual story that depicts their unique product or service.

Phase 2: Have a Strategy

In the second phase of the Accelerator program, participants will work to clarify their business model, develop a long-term strategy for achieving the model and a short-term action plan to move with purpose and speed. Doyenne will help entrepreneurs craft a strategy that builds on the personality, experience, skills, and values that were articulated in Phase 1.

      Strategic Planning Retreat (Two Days): Doyenne hosts a two-day retreat where accelerator participants will work on their business model canvas, a three to five year strategic plan, and an immediate action plan.
The retreat is a combination of facilitated discussion, peer coaching, expert coaching, and designated work time.  

Phase 3: Tell the Story

A critical aspect of the entrepreneurial process is the ability to gather the resources needed, from customers to vendors. In this final phase of the Accelerator, Doyenne will work with entrepreneurs to craft a compelling pitch to engage stakeholders.

Pitch Practice Workshop 1 (Half Day): Entrepreneurs will develop a rough draft of their slide deck and walk through their pitch with a small group to get feedback from an expert and peers.

Pitch Practice Workshop 2 (Half Day): Entrepreneurs will revise their pitch deck based on feedback from Pitch Practice 1 and again present it to a small group for additional feedback and in preparation for the Showcase event.

Showcase Event (One Evening)

The Showcase Event is a culmination of the entire Strategy Accelerator experience. The community is invited to attend to meet the entrepreneurs, hear their five-minute pitches, provide questions, suggestions, and feedback, as well as become champions for the presenting entrepreneurs.
Community members from all walks of life are invited to attend the event to show your support of the entrepreneurs and their ventures.

Throughout the three-month journey, entrepreneurs will also be able to partake in:

One-on-One Mentoring Session (One Hour/Month): Entrepreneurs will schedule a coaching session with a Doyenne Coach based on each persons availability.

Peer Coffee Sessions: Entrepreneurs have the option to schedule coffee meetings with other Accelerator participants to learn from each other and strengthen your network. 

Strategy Accelerator Logistics

The Doyenne Strategy Accelerator is open to Doyenne members only. The Accelerator is designed for entrepreneurs who have already started their venture and are looking to take them to the next level. Entrepreneurs who live outside a Doyenne City are welcome to apply and attend, but are responsible for travel costs and must attend all in-person activities.

The total fee for the three-month Accelerator is based on the membership level of the registering entrepreneur. Growth level members fee is $750, and Startup level members fee is $1,000. 
Entrepreneurs can attend alone or bring a team of up to 3 people. While the founder needs to identify as female, the team members can be of any gender identity. Team members can be other founders, key supporters, staff/contractors, life partners, anyone who is key to making the venture successful.
The Accelerator fee includes the costs for the expert facilitators and coaches, program materials/tools, access to the online course content, and food/beverage provided during workshops. 

The physical location of workshops will be provided to attendees once registration is complete.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If not selected to participate in the Strategic Accelerator you will be refunded your payment.
  • If you are selected and withdraw from attending within 8-14 days of the start of Welcome Workshop you will refunded 50% of your payment.
  • If you are selected and withdraw from attending within 7 days of the start of the Welcome Workshop or fail to show you will not be refunded any of your payment.