It isn’t just what we do that sets us apart from other Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESO), it is also how we do it. Our unique approach is grounded in the beliefs and principles that shape the community we’re building

  • The entrepreneurial & business ecosystem is broken and doesn’t work for the majority of entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship happens within a life, not the other way around
  • Entrepreneurship is a messy, iterative process that is learned through trials and tests
  • Vulnerability is a source of strength and necessary for growth
  • We believe in you and take you, your ideas, experiences, and ventures seriously

Our attitude:

  • Relentless. No waiting for permission or approval
  • Bold. Invisibility is not an option
  • Real. Tell it to each other straight
  • Fun. We laugh as often as possible. Life is too short

Scalable Ventures

If you are an entrepreneur who identifies as female or a marginalized gender(s) building a scalable venture, Doyenne has opportunities to support your entrepreneurial journey and your venture's success.

What is a scalable venture? Scalable doesn’t solely mean “investor ready” or “pre-money” ventures. When we think about scalability it means you’re building something that’s bigger than just you and where you’re at in the venture right now.  Scalability can be increasing your target market, market reach, products/services offered, and/or dollars brought into the venture. 

Industries Served: While the majority of the ventures we work with have some sort of technology business sector basis, they typically don't identify as a "tech startup" until after conversations about what their venture is accomplishing. 

  1. Technology (broad)

  2. Service Provider

  3. Product Manufacturing (food production is included in this category)

Not all entrepreneurs are going to find a place within Doyenne. We believe it's important to have a vast network of support while building your venture and Doyenne should be part of that network, but not the only organization you look to for support. We also have a large network of partners and collaborators we will refer you to if you're looking for areas of support we don't offer through our programming and other offerings.