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Isolated Professional development for when you need it most

 Doyenne Iso-Learning webinars are designed to create valuable, expert-led professional development content through a virtual connection with others across the country. 

Each month, Doyenne develops a 45-minute webinar presentation with an expert within their industry to provide a high-level understanding of the topic(s) they’re discussing as well as tangible takeaways for how you can apply these lessons to your venture. 

All of our Iso-Learning webinars are pre-recorded and made available on our  Learning Lab 

Everyone is welcome to view and seek webinar facilitators' support, regardless of gender and/or professional background.

Iso-Learning webinars runs the spectrum of topics, from self-care to professional strategy implementation. Some past webinars include:

  • Taking Care of Yourself in Sh*tty Times

  • Layoff, Terminated, or “Unpaid Leave” - What are each and when are they used?

  • How to have difficult conversations with your team members with positive outcomes

  • Forecasting for Fiscal Success

  • Intellectual Property - What needs IP vs what can be protected?

  • Funding Options 101 - What are different categories, when are they typically accessed, and by what business sectors 

If you are interested in facilitating an upcoming Iso-Learning program, please email to schedule a time to speak with a Doyenne Team Member about this opportunity.