Triple Threat Venture Training

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You have big goals

You need a strategy to match

build an unshakeable foundation

The Triple Threat Venture Training, our strategy accelerator, is a 20-week program designed to help entrepreneurs develop a strong strategic foundation for their ventures. 

With rock-solid clarity on your business strategy, you will know where to focus your time, energy, dollars, and how to gather the kind of support you need.

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Stop chasing shiny objects.

Join the next Triple Threat Venture Training cohort and start moving your venture forward.

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develop a plan, hone your story, Build support

You'll come out of the program with the following takeaways: 

—an authentic vision of yourself as an entrepreneur and CEO of your venture
—a clear vision of your future and the future of your venture
—a strategic approach, critical milestones, and immediate plan of action
—an effective story/pitch to tell people about your venture
—a community of fellow entrepreneurs and supporters

program fee

$500 deposit for each entry. 

A $2,500 unrestricted grant + $500 deposit will be returned upon full completion of all aspects of the program

Each program cohort is a maximum of 10 entrepreneurs. If you are not selected to be part of the cohort you applied for, Doyenne will send a full refund of the $500 deposit. You will also be welcome to register for future cohorts again.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact for more information

The Experience

The Triple Threat Venture Training unfolds in 4 phases:


phase 1: Get real with yourself 

Overcome self-doubt and prevent burnout

  • Kickoff Event (1.5 hours)

  • Visual Logic Model Workshop (90 minutes + potential for additional time)

  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Assessment (1.5 hours)

  • KOKORO Financial Resilience Learning Session (1.5 hours - additional support available ongoing after the program concludes)

  • 2 Coaching Sessions with your Doyenne Coach

Phase 2: Develop your strategy

Create your actionable growth plan

  • Retreat (1 day broken into 2.5 hours in the morning, 2.5 hours in the afternoon)

  • Morning Retreat Workshop: Create a 12-18 month strategic plan for your venture, evaluate your business model. Your Doyenne Coach will also attend to work with you

  • Retreat Afternoon Mentor Swarm Workshop: 4 one-on-one 20-minute sessions with Doyenne mentors

Phase 3:  Leverage your community

Tell your story and ask for help

  • Pitch Practice Workshop 1 (2-hour session)

  • Pitch Practice Workshop 2 (2-hour session)

  • Showcase Event (2 hours)

  • Celebration Event (1.5 hours)

  • After Care with KOKORO (1 hour for 8 weeks post the 12-week experience)

Phase 4:  after care

Support for your growth

  • 6 Live Group Facilitated Sessions

  • 1 thirty Minute 1:1 Reflection Session

  • 4 Well Being Measurement Reports (Completed Every 4 Weeks)

  • 1 Wellbeing Session

Stop chasing shiny objects.

Join the next Triple Threat Venture Training cohort and start moving your venture forward.



                      Tuesday, March 29, 2022


                      Training Kick-Off Event!

                      The first step in this experience is to build community. The cohort will be working closely with each other over several weeks - this is time to get to know each other, the ventures, and your paired coach.

                      PHASE 1 - Get Real with Yourself

                      Personal reflection & growth at work



                      March 29th (Self-Schedule)

                      20 mins

                      Take SEI (Emotional Intelligence Assessment) 

                      No entrepreneur has everything it takes to grow a venture alone. It is critical for them to know how their unique approach to the world shapes their role as a founder and leader within their venture. Entrepreneurs will take the SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment test, meet 1-on-1 with an SEI certified coach for an in-depth review of the individual’s test results and have an honest conversation about their communication and work styles, how it benefits their venture, and gaps to consider.


                      March 30 - April 8

                      1 hr

                      1-on-1 with StepUp Equity Matters Facilitator

                      April 4-8 (Self-Schedule)

                      1 hr

                      1-on-1 Coaching Session

                      This session will be spent between the entrepreneur and coach solidifying vision and goal setting that began during the kick-off event

                      Visualizing your venture


                      Deadline April 10th (Self-Schedule)

                      20 mins

                      Relumed 1-on-1

                      Entrepreneurs are trying to solve problems for their customers. Every entrepreneur has conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions about what it will take to do that. In these workshops, entrepreneurs will work with an expert facilitator, artists, and their internal team to create a visual story that depicts this underlying logic driving much of their behaviors and decisions.


                      April 11-22nd

                      1.5 hr

                      1-on-1 with Relumed Facilitator


                      April 19th


                      Kokoro Financial Wellness

                      Money means different things to people. During this full-cohort workshop, entrepreneurs dive into their inner selves, emotions, and relationships with money and how it impacts their decision-making skills within their ventures. Having open conversations about where ventures are currently at for cash on hand, revenue streams, and the impact of how budgets are created and divided supports how to build income and reserves for the future to support growth of the venture and future fiscal decisions. 


                      Tuesday, April 26th


                      Full Cohort Individual & Group Workshops Debrief

                      A time for the cohort entrepreneurs to come together to talk through what they learned about themselves and their approaches within their ventures based on the workshops they went through during weeks 2-4


                      May 2-6, 2022 (Self-Schedule)

                      1-1.5 hrs

                      Peer-to-Peer Cohort Debrief (Coffee or Happy Hour)

                      Cohort entrepreneurs are welcome to schedule a full group, small group(s), or individual meetings to learn more about each other, their ventures, and them as people.

                      PHASE 2 - Develop your Strategy


                      Tuesday, May 10th

                      10:00am To 3:30pm

                      Doyenne Retreat Experience! Full Cohort

                      It is incredibly difficult for entrepreneurs to develop a strategy on their own, in isolation. They are deeply immersed in the business and it is hard to get perspective. Doyenne will help you craft a strategy that builds on your personality, experience, skills, and values that were articulated during Phase 1 of “Get Real with Yourself”.

                      This is a 1-day ‘Retreat’ where you will work on your business model canvas, a 6-24 month strategic plan, an immediate action plan, and a feedback session from community members to support the plan and address potential ways to support the trajectory of the venture.


                      1-on-1 Coach + Entrepreneur Strategic Plan Map


                      Mentor Swarm


                      May16-20 (Self-Schedule)

                      1-1.5 hrs

                      Cohort Coffee Session (Optional)

                      Cohort entrepreneurs are welcome to schedule a full group, small group(s), or individual meetings to learn more about each other, their ventures, and them as people.

                      PHASE 3 - Leverage the Community


                      Wednesday, May 25th


                      Pitch Practice #1  (choose a time)

                      Entrepreneurs will come with their first, rough draft of their slide deck, based on the format suggested by Doyenne. The entrepreneurs will walk through their pitch with a small group to get feedback from an expert and peers.

                      Wednesday, May 25th

                      4pm - 6pm


                      May 31-4 (Self-Schedule)

                      1-on-1 Coaching Session

                      Wednesday, June 1st


                      Pitch Practice #2  (choose a time)

                      Entrepreneurs will bring a received pitch deck based on feedback from the first workshops and their peer coffee conversation. Again, they will present to their cohort for feedback and be timed at a 5-minute limit.

                      Wednesday, June 1st

                      4pm - 6pm


                      Tuesday, 7th  

                      5:30pm - 7:30pm

                      SHOWCASE EVENT! 

                      The Showcase event is a culmination of the Training experience. We invite the wider community to meet the entrepreneurs


                      Tuesday, June 14th

                      4:00pm - 5:30pm

                      Celebration and close

                      Of course… we all need to celebrate after accomplishing such a momentous launch. The full cohort, facilitators, and coaches are welcomed to reflect and celebrate during a casual get together.

                      PHASE 4 - AFTER CARE


                      June 14 - August 9


                      After Care provided by  KOKORO

                      During the After Care program entrepreneurs will continue to meet weekly with others from their cohort to check-in and support each other as they implement their strategies developed during TTVT. Guided reflections and celebrations of progress are components of these workshops to ground and acknowledge the entrepreneur’s journey

                      Stop chasing shiny objects.

                      Join the next Triple Threat Venture Training cohort and start moving your venture forward.