Triple Threat Venture Training

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You have big goals

You need a strategy to match

build an unshakeable foundation

The Triple Threat Venture Training, our strategy accelerator, is a 20-week program designed to help entrepreneurs develop a strong strategic foundation for their ventures. 

With rock-solid clarity on your business strategy, you will know where to focus your time, energy, dollars, and how to gather the kind of support you need.

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Stop chasing shiny objects.

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2023 Triple Threat Venture Training Dates: 
  - Spring cohort

           Deadline to apply: Friday, March 24, 2023
           Program Dates: April 4 - August 22, 2023

- Fall cohort

           Deadline to apply: Friday, August 25, 2023

           Program Dates: September 12, 2023 - January 16, 2024

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develop a plan, hone your story, Build support

You'll come out of the program with the following takeaways: 

—an authentic vision of yourself as an entrepreneur and CEO of your venture
—a clear vision of your future and the future of your venture
—a strategic approach, critical milestones, and immediate plan of action
—an effective story/pitch to tell people about your venture
—a community of fellow entrepreneurs and supporters

program fee

$500 deposit for each entry. 

A $2,500 unrestricted grant + $500 deposit will be returned upon full completion of all aspects of the program

Each program cohort is a maximum of 8 entrepreneurs. If you are not selected to be part of the cohort you applied for, Doyenne will send a full refund of the $500 deposit. You will also be welcome to register for future cohorts again.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact for more information

The Experience

The Triple Threat Venture Training unfolds in 4 phases:

  A weekly overview is located within the Q&A Section of this page

phase 1: Get real with yourself 

Overcome self-doubt and prevent burnout

  • Kickoff Event (1.5 hours)

  • Visual Logic Model Workshop (90 minutes + potential for additional time)

  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Assessment (1.5 hours)

  • KOKORO Financial Resilience Learning Session (1.5 hours - additional support available ongoing after the program concludes)

  • 2 Coaching Sessions with your Doyenne Coach

Phase 2: Develop your strategy

Create your actionable growth plan

  • Retreat (1 day broken into 2.5 hours in the morning, 2.5 hours in the afternoon)

  • Morning Retreat Workshop: Create a 12-18 month strategic plan for your venture, and evaluate your business model. Your Doyenne Coach will also attend to work with you

  • Retreat Afternoon Peer Coaching Workshop: 4 one-on-one 20-minute sessions with others

Phase 3:  Leverage your community

Tell your story and ask for help

  • Pitch Practice Workshop 1 (2-hour session)

  • Pitch Practice Workshop 2 (2-hour session)

  • Showcase Event (2 hours)

  • Celebration Event (1.5 hours)

Phase 4:  after care

Support for your growth

  • 6 Live Group Facilitated Sessions

  • 1 thirty Minute 1:1 Reflection Session

  • 4 Well Being Measurement Reports (Completed Every 4 Weeks)

  • 1 Wellbeing Session

Stop chasing shiny objects.

Join the next Triple Threat Venture Training cohort and start moving your venture forward.

2023 Triple Threat Venture Training Dates: 
  - Spring cohort

           Deadline to apply: Friday, March 17, 2023
           Program Dates: April 4 - August 22, 2023

- Fall cohort

           Deadline to apply: Friday, August 25, 2023

           Program Dates: September 12, 2023 - January 16, 2024

                      The Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training is divided into three major phases that build on each other over the course of 12-weeks. 
                      Triple Threat Venture Training Kickoff Event
                      The first step in the Triple Threat Venture Training experience is to build community within the cohort. The cohort will be working closely with each other over the 12 weeks. We are in this together and we create a space where you can be honest, vulnerable, and accepted for your experiences, ventures, and personal story you bring to the group. The goal of the Kickoff Event is to learn about each other and for participants to meet the coaches they will be working with on a one-on-one basis over the course of the program.
                      Phase 1:  Get real with yourself —  Overcome self-doubt and prevent burnout
                      Every entrepreneurial endeavor begins with a person or a team of people. People come to their work with their own personality types, experiences, values and assumptions. These shape everything about the ventures entrepreneurs choose to launch and their paths for growth. Knowing all of these aspects and identifying them within yourself deepens your understanding of self and how you will continue to lead your venture to success.
                      — Emotional Intelligence Workshops (2.5 hours):  No entrepreneur has everything it takes to grow a venture within themselves at any point in the entrepreneurial journey. It is critical for you to know what and how your particular approach to the world shapes your role as a founder and leader within your venture. You will take the SEI Emoitonal Intelligence Assessment, meet one-on-one with an SEI-certified coach to review your assessment to discuss each other's strengths and areas for growth.

                      — Visual Logic Model Workshop (90 minutes + potential for additional time): Entrepreneurs are trying to solve problems for their customers/clients. Every entrepreneur has conscious and unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about what it will take to meet customers'/clients' needs. In these workshops, you will work with expert facilitators, artists, and coaches to create a visual model that depicts the underlying logic and story that drives your venture and the behaviours and decisions you make. This visual model will help you tell the story of your venture to different audiences.
                      — KOKORO Financial Wellbeing Workshop (1.5 hours):  We all have our own personal beliefs and experiences when it comes to money. These past experiences all will play out in how you use money within your venture. During this workshop we explore these topics as well as get you to start thinking about how to develop a meaningful revenue and expense budget and theory to put in use going forward with your venture.
                      Phase 2:  Develop your venture strategy — Create your actionable growth plan
                      During this portion of the Triple Threat Venture Training, you will work to clarify your business model, develop a long-term strategy for achieving that model, and a short-term action plan to move with purpose and speed. In the chaos of launching and running a venture, it is often difficult to take time out to work to think about, develop, and/or re-evaluate the strategic direction of your venture. We will work with you to craft a strategy that builds on your personality, experience, skills, and values that were articulated in Phase 1 along with the purpose or mission of your venture.
                      — Retreat (1 day broken into 2.5 hours in the morning, 2.5 hours in the afternoon): Our 1-day Retreat is broken into 2 sections, with a break in between for you to rest and also process information without it all happening at once and be able to ask informative questions and requests of those you're working with.
                      — Retreat Morning Workshop: You and your coach will work on laying out a one- to two-year strategic plan for your venture, a corresponding 6-12 month action plan for setting pieces in motion to meet your strategic plan goals/milestones, and evaluate your business model to see if it needs tweaking or re-drafting.
                      —Retreat Afternoon Peer Coaching Workshop: Doyenne Mentors will meet with you one-on-one for four 20-minute speed mentoring sessions. You will be notified as to who the Mentors will be at the workshop and given their bios so you can you can decide how to use your 20 minutes with them for greatest impact and be able to ask direct questions about how they can help you going forward or answer the questions you have right then. After the rotations have completed, you and other participants will come back together to debrief and close out the workshop
                      Phase 3:  Leverage your community — Tell your story and ask for help
                      A critical aspect of the entrepreneurial process is the ability to gather the resources needed, from customers, employees, funders, vendors, partners, etc. To do this effectively, you need to be able to tell the story of your venture in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your audience. In this final phase of the program, we work with you to craft a compelling pitch to engage stakeholders.
                      Pitch Practice Workshop 1 (2-hour session): You will develop a rough draft of your slide deck and walk through your pitch with a small group to get feedback from an expert and your peers.
                      We will work with you to take your pitch from however long it is and whittle it down to a clear, concise 5-minute "tell the story" pitch. This framework can then be expanded on or condensed down to meet the needs of future audiences.
                      Pitch Practice Workshop 2 (2-hour session): You will revise your pitch deck based on feedback from Pitch Practice 1 and again present it to a small group for additional feedback in preparation for the Showcase event.
                      Showcase Event (2 hours): The Showcase Event is a culmination of the entire Triple Threat Venture Training experience. The community is invited to attend to meet the entrepreneurs, hear their five-minute pitches, provide questions, suggestions, and feedback, as well as become champions for the presenting entrepreneurs.
                      Community members from all walks of life are invited to attend the event to show your support of the entrepreneurs and their ventures.

                      —Celebration Event (1.5 hours): Come back together as a full-cohort one last time to celebrate all you have achieved, learned, and set intensions for the next phase of your venture once the program is over. Coaches, entrepreneurs, and workshop facilitators will be in attendance to debrief, celebrate each other, and also get entrepreneurs prepared for the After Care program.

                      —After Care Program (8-weeks, 1 hour per week): KOKORO continues to work with entrepreneurs after the formal Triple Threat Venture Training program ends. During these weekly touch-points, each entrepreneur will have the opportunity to reflect, share out, and ask for support as they begin executing on their action and strategy plans.
                      Additional Opportunities throughout the 12-week journey:
                      One-on-One Mentoring Session (One Hour Bi-weekly): Entrepreneurs will schedule a coaching session with their appointed Doyenne coach through the program experience. Attendees will be paired with their coach based on an intake assessment asking their needs and preferred coaching styles prior to the Kickoff Event. You will schedule sessions with your coach and it is up to you as to how often you want to meet with your coach.
                      Peer Coffee Sessions: As a cohort, you have the opportunity to schedule coffee meetings with other Triple Threat Venture Training participants, either one-on-one or as a group, to learn from each other and strengthen your network.  

                      Additional Doyenne Programming after the Triple Threat Venture Training program: Learning Teams are a great way to continue relationships and work that was done during the 12-week Triple Threat Venture Training program. Take a look at the Learning Team overview page to see if it's a good fit for your next phase of your entrepreneurial journey.

                      Stop chasing shiny objects.

                      Join the next Triple Threat Venture Training cohort and start moving your venture forward.