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The Doyenne Investor Accelerator is a 12-week program designed to help women interested in becoming investors develop the background knowledge and practical experiences to get seats at tables where investment decisions are being made.

We all know the stats around why more women becoming investors is best practices for our overall entrepreneurial communities success, yet women still only occupy less than 4% of all Venture Capital (VC) manager roles across the U.S.A. and are intimidated into not believing they can be investors based on their backgrounds and earned capital.

The Doyenne Investor Accelerator supports the increase of women actively evaluating deal flow and the potential to invest in women-led startups.

The Doyenne Investor Accelerator helps future women investors to:

  • Gain vocabulary associated with investment options and deals

  • Addresses the requirements of becoming an investor

  • Breaks down the different types of investor options (ie: Angel vs. Syndicate vs. Venture Capital) and investment types (ie: Stock, convertible note, SAFE)

  • Tax expectations of investing in companies and how to file

  • Experience evaluating entrepreneurial endeavours and what happens after you invest in a venture

The experience

The Investor Accelerator contains 3 phases

 The Doyenne Investor Accelerator is divided into three major phases that build on each other over the course of the 12-weeks. Participants have a workbook that goes along with the learning in each of these phases as well as virtual workshops and pre-recorded webinars to support their learning.

    Investor Accelerator Kickoff Event

The first step in the Investor Accelerator experience is to build community within the cohort. The cohort will be working closely with each other over the 12 weeks, we are in this together and we create a space where you can be honest, vulnerable, and accepted for your experiences, backgrounds, level of knowledge, and personal story you bring to the group.

    Phase 1: Being an Investor & Startup Investment Vehicles

What does being an investor mean? And what are the different requirements and options for being an investor? During the first three weeks of the program cohort participants will learn about:

  • Financial requirements (qualified client, accredited investor, etc...)

  • Impact of Women Investors on the startup & investing ecosystem

  • What's the difference between different types of investors such as Angel vs. Syndicate vs. Venture Capital, etc... 

  • Legal Structures & tax implications for investors options

        Phase 2: Managing and Evaluation Deal Flow

Participants will have the understanding of their options as far as being an investor and the basic vocabulary understanding of these different terms and options, now they learn how to take that knowledge and apply it to how to become an investor:

  • Sourcing investment options

  • Evaluating company pitches

  • Due dilience

  • Investment types

  • Terms

  • Live practice seeing entrepreneur pitches and evaluating documents

    Phase 3: Post-Investment Management

After you write the checks, then what? Learn about how best to serve and advocate for the entrepreneurs and endeavours within your portfolio and options you have for getting your money back to be able to invest again.

  • Investor rights

  • Losses (down rounds/closures)

  • Gains (exits/acquisitions)

    Celebration & Conclusion of Program

The program ends with Doyenne Investor Accelerator participants attending the Doyenne Showcase event to hear pitches and evaluate ventures participating in our Triple Threat Venture Training program. We also host a celebratory happy hour to celebrate the journey and growth the cohort has experiences throughout their participation within the program.

    Additional Opportunities throughout the 12-week journey:

Peer Coffee Sessions: As a cohort, you have the opportunity to schedule coffee meeting with other Investor Accelerator participants and/or Doyenne program team leaders either one-on-one or as groups to learn from each other and strengthen your network.

Introductions to Investor Networks: Doyenne works with other investor networks and will provide you with opportunities to meet these individuals & groups.

Access to Entreprneurs Seeking Investment Dollars: Doyenne's Triple Threat Venture Training programs run at the same time as the Investor Accelerator program to create opportunities for both program's participants to support each other's learning and growth along their journeys. Doyenne also works with many other women entrepreneurs who are seeking investors and will create opportunities for Investor Accelerator participants to meet with these entrepreneurs.

Investor accelerator logistics


The Doyenne Investor Accelerator is open to women who are interested in learning more about investing in early stage ventures. You do not have to be at an accredited investor standing or have a certain amount of personal wealth to be part of this program. The Accelerator is designed for women who have been thinking about wanting to become investors and are looking to gain knowledge and experience before putting dollars into startups but plan to do so within the next 12-18 months. Since all workshops are virtual, participants who live outside Wisconsin are welcome to register to be part of the program, but are responsible for travel costs if wish to attend in-person (if available).

Membership to Doyenne is not required at this time to be a participant of the Doyenne Investor Accelerator.

The total value of the 12-week Investor Accelerator is $5,000. Thanks to generous sponsorships and in-kind support we are able to make the program available for $1,000.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact to discuss this option prior to registering.

The requirements for participation are:

  • The fee of the Investor Accelerator is for 1 participant. Participants are not allowed to share participation with others or split attendance between multiple participants.

  • Participants need to identify as female

  • The Accelerator fee includes the costs for the expert facilitators, program materials/tools, access to the online course content, and food/beverage provided during workshops (if meeting in-person)

All workshops part of the Investor Accelerator will be held virtually with location URLs sent to participants. For meetings outside scheduled workshop sessions (such as peer coffees), it is up to participants if they wish to meet in person or virtually and they must supply their own virtual meeting URLs

Cancellation Policy:

  • If not selected to participate in the Investor Accelerator by Doyenne Staff you will be refunded your payment
  • If you are selected and withdraw from attending within 8-14 days of the start of Kickoff Event you will refunded 50% of your payment
  • If you are selected and withdraw from attending within 7 days of the start of the Kickoff Workshop or fail to show you will not be refunded any of your payment

Investor Accelerator timeline

general weekly time requirement breakdown

 The 12-week Investor Accelerator is laid out to meet your goals within the program and also understand that life responsibilities happen and you may not be able to attend all virtual workshops. If you are unable to attend the live virtual workshops recordings will be sent to you. All pre-recorded webinars and outside information will be provided via the Doyenne Learning Lab course.

All workshops part of the Investor Accelerator wil be virtual with links and calendar invites sen to participants ahead of workshop dates.

Week 1:

    Kickoff Event (2 hours) - Meet with other participants to learn about each other as people and your goals of the program.

Week 2:

    Being an Investor Virtual Workshop (2 hours) - Financial requirements and the impact of women investors on the broader
    entrepreneurial ecosystem

Week 3:

     Webinar (1 hour) - Presentation by attorney about your options and implications of different structures
     Startup Investment Vehicles Workshop (2 hours) - Investor options and legal structures

Week 4: 

    Managing and Evaluating Deal Flow Workshop (2 hours) - Identifying sources, evaluating pitches, due diligence outlines,
    investment types and common terminology

Week 5:

    Webinar (1 hour) - Support learning from Week 4 workshop

Week 6:

   Webinar (1 hour) - Support learning from Week 4 workshop

Week 7:

    Weeks 5 & 6 webinar learnings & answer questions Workshop (1.5 hours) - Come with any questions you have based on the webinars you watched in prior weeks and answer any lingering questions you have about Managing and Evaluating Deal Flow

Week 8:

    Investor Rights Workshop (2 hours) - What are your rights when you invest within a venture, how can you express your rights
    and what are best practices when it comes to this

    Opportunity to Mentor at the Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training to hear entrepreneur pitches during their Mentor Swarm

Week 9:

    Losses & Gains Workshop (2 hours) - Investors are in the game to make money. This workshop will explore what happens when exits occur and how you can prepare for losses & gains within ventures.

Week 10:

    Webinar (1 hour) - Support learning from Weeks 8 & 9

Week 11: 

    Doyenne Showcase Event - The Showcase event highlights the Triple Threat Venture Training program entrepreneurs with the community invited to hear their 5-minute pitches and provide feedback, opportunities, and help spread the word to your network about these ventures and how we all can support their growth and success.

Week 12:

    Celebration & Conclusion of program (optional, 1.5-2 hours) - Happy Hour event to come together one last time as a cohort to discuss learnings, next steps, and ways to continue to support each other going forward