Lady Business Podcast S3 Ep10: There’s Been A Lot of Reconnection

Season 3 Episode 10: There’s Been A Lot of Reconnection


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Paige Brien is a marketing and film professional from Chicago, who has been living in Wisconsin for the past 17 years. Her first Marketing job she ran the photo studio, wrote copy, was the prop person, and did graphic art work as well. It was a new studio that brought along big clients such as; Keebler and Quaker Oats, but there were only 5 of us! She learned a lot and moved on to a bigger studio. RMC was her second marketing position. That is where she got the film bug because they did commercial work. There she handled a few accounts and was also the license manager for Gumby! She went out on her own finally and started her first company Pages by Paige to do commercial writing and to start writing her own literary work. Her big client ‘Coffee Beanery’ allowed her to do this. She handled all of their graphic arts needs and still does. She now owns a studio (Glowstix Studios) and has produced many projects such as; Music Videos, PSA’s, Commercials, Short Films, Documentaries, and now a Series with Dina Nina Martinez called ‘I Love Funny Women’ that has been picked up by a distributor and is also a co-owner of Verdure CBD and her position is to revamp and rebrand the entire line of products.

Verdure CBD provides quality Hemp CBD products; Body & Skin, Pet Tinctures, People Tinctures, Chocolates, Honey, Pain Balm, flower, etc. One of the few CBD companies carrying also CBDA and CBG products.

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LBP S3 Ep10: There’s Been A Lot of Reconnection