06/24/2021 16:00 to 06/24/2021 17:00 (US/Central)

Monona, United States


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"what if women had been the storytellers too?"

What story would Eve have told about picking the apple? Why is Pandora blamed for opening the box? And what about the fate of Cassandra who was blessed with knowing the future but cursed so that no one believed her? Elizabeth Lesser believes that if women’s voices had been equally heard and respected throughout history humankind would have followed different hero myths and guiding stories.

This summer, Founder Hour will host Doyenne members and coaches that would like to use this book as a foundation for provocative discussion in a 3-part series, June, July & August. 

In June, we'll explore and pick apart Part One - "how history is carried forward through the stories a culture tells and values, and what we can do to balance the scales."

Haven't read the book? No problem! Listen, meet someone new, and contribute as you feel during these Doyenne community networking events.


From 06/24/2021 16:00
To 06/24/2021 17:00


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