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Doyenne has 2 types of memberships: Startup & Growth levels. Click on the "Explore Membership Benefits Here..." button below to see the value of each of these memberships. 

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Doyenne members can be affiliated with 3 different cities within Wisconsin. Please let us know which Doyenne City you would like to join. Please note that program offerings are primarily based in Madison and Milwaukee

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Doyenne has a "Meet our Members" page on our public-facing website. We would like to add your profile to our Doyenne website so people can learn about what you are doing.

We understand that some people prefer not to have their information posted on public sites. Please let us know your preference.

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Doyenne would like to include your social media information on your profile. This helps people reach you more easily. In addition, Doyenne follows all of our members social media accounts. This allows us to learn about exciting things that are happening with you and your business. We love to promote our members!

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Doyenne collects demographic information about our members for two reasons: 1) so we can better understand who engages with the organization, and 2) we can report to the entities that provide us funding.

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