Sharon Johnson

Chief Engagement Officer


Sharon Johnson is a graduate of Purdue University and earned her MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her diversity in careers includes sales and product management with Kraft Foods; real estate sales and marketing with Veridian Homes, and program management and consulting with the State of Wisconsin. Sharon is the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of Economic Empowerment Wisconsin (EEWi) where her diverse roles working in the private and public sectors as well as being an entrepreneur provides the foundation to effectively lead the company into the future.


Economic Empowerment WI (EEWI) is a collaborative organization located in Madison, Wisconsin that strives to empower entrepreneurs of color with the resources they need to mitigate barriers to success and efficiently start and expand their businesses. Our mission is to provide emerging entrepreneurs of color with access to mentoring, partnered resources, low-barrier grants, loans, and investments to help them overcome both personal and commercial challenges to success. Madison, one of the nation's most economically disparate cities, such a removal of economic barriers to entrepreneurship is vital, this location provides the foundation to allow scaling to state, national and global. Initially, the target market for our services are emerging entrepreneurs in the State of Wisconsin low-income communities of color, selected based on both their credibility and the magnitude of their need.