Connect Conversations

build a network that will support your growth

Doyenne hosts our Connect Conversation events as a way to come together as a community to learn about each other's journey, experiences, ventures, and what you need to hit your next milestone.

Being an entrepreneur and working in your business can be an isolating experience where you feel all of the pressures of everyday work and life in different ways than traditional jobs and roles. You may also feel that you don't have anyone else in your circles — both professional & personal  who understand the entrepreneurial experience. Don't go through this alone. Connect Conversations are ways to find and talk to others who are with you along the journey in an open, honest, safe setting.

At these events, women entrepreneurs tell their stories and the personal & professional growth they've gone through to get to where they're at today. Participants are also welcome to ask questions and give feedback to the entrepreneur.

You don't need to be a woman entrepreneur to attend a Connect Conversation, all are welcome! If you are someone who stands along with women entrepreneurs and creating ecosystems where women from all backgrounds thrive we hope to see you at an upcoming event.