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Sustaining Donation


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Doyenne is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to creating entrepreneurial ecosystems where women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds thrive.

You can make it possible for us to continue to provide high-level professional development programming, event opportunities highlighting women-led ventures from our community, and the work we do in collaboration with other entrepreneur resource organizations to make Wisconsin a top state for women to run their ventures.

Your donation is used for developing initiatives such as our Triple Threat Venture and Investor Accelerator training programs, helping women grow their ventures and invest in other women entrepreneurs in our community.

Give today on a monthly basis and:

        • Help keep our programming at the lowest price point possible for women entrepreneurs - just $25 a month ($300 a year) provides much needed resources for one woman entrepreneur to grow their venture.

        • Eliminate the hassle of worrying about your giving - streamline the process.

        • Let other members, supporters, and entrepreneurs know that you've stepped up to support Doyenne as a monthly donor and invite them to join you.

        • Provide Doyenne with regular, stable revenue that can be used to plan and execute best practice programming relevant to female-led business owners.

We would love to acknowledge you as a monthly donor so join this exclusive group of committed supporters to help grow and influence the female entrepreneurial ecosystem!

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