HQ Update: Big Changes for 2022

Doyenne is used to pivots. Change is hard, but necessary for growth

By: Heather Wentler

It seems every year Doyenne is releasing updates and changes. Just as we tell the entrepreneurs we work with, change is normal and we make the changes to best serve our audience as their needs change so we continue to stay relevant and up to date.

Below are brief descriptions of Doyenne’s new and/or changing programming and offerings starting in January 2022. If you have questions please contact Heather <heather@thedoyennegroup.com> or attend an upcoming Info Session to learn more and have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Membership - Since the launch of Doyenne in 2012 we have operated with a membership model. It’s evolved over the years and sometimes we required it for opportunities and sometimes we didn’t.

Starting January 2022, Doyenne is no longer a membership based organization. We recognize the limitations membership poses for the communities we aim to serve for a variety of reasons. While membership was a revenue stream for the organization, eliminating it does not impact our overall revenue or capacity to serve our audience. 

This change will also eliminate challenges we’ve had with Paypal and keeping the ‘Meet Our Members’ page up to date. 

Pricing discounts and fees that were part of Membership Benefits have been taken into account for programming going forward as we continue to offer high-quality services and programming at the lowest price point possible to entrepreneurs who work with Doyenne.

Investor Accelerator- No change to this program for 2022. This program was launched in 2021 and is currently accepting registrations for our Spring 2022 cohort. 

All participants of the Investor Accelerator are also welcome to join the Learning Team program as part of the Deal Flow Team(s) to continue their investment journey of putting their dollars into the hands of entrepreneurs.

Iso-Learning - These virtual, monthly workshops led by industry experts to provide high-level knowledge in key content areas focused on running a venture and self care as an entrepreneur will continue to be offered once per month on the 2nd Thursday from 12-1 PM CST. Our Iso-Learning programs are open to all and free of charge (change from $10 fee for non-members). 

All Iso-Learning recordings are also available via the Doyenne Learning Lab. If you enroll in an Iso-Learning workshop you’ll automatically be registered for the Learning Lab course of the same program name to be able to watch whenever it serves you best.

Iso-Learning webinars are developed with our corporate supporters or with other early-stage ventures. If you’d like to discuss the potential to speak at an upcoming Iso-Learning program, please contact Heather. <heather@thedoyennegroup.com>

Learning Lab - The Doyenne Learning Lab houses all of our recorded webinars, podcasts (also available wherever you listen to your podcasts), training, Q&A sessions for various programs, and courses for you to access on demand as you continue your journey as an entrepreneur. 

All of our webinars, tutorials, and Q&A sessions are free for anyone.

In 2021 we started developing more courses on the Learning Lab. These paid for recorded workshops are built in multi-step guides and workshops are designed to give you the technical skills needed to strategize and implement plans to  meet your company goals and revenues. Currently Doyenne has 4 courses on the Learning Lab and we plan to roll out another 4-6 courses in 2022.

    Intellectual Property Series ($50)
    Building a Timeless Content Brand ($250)
    Business Lending: 5 C’s of Credit ($50)
    How to Brand Your Startup Pitch Deck (Free)

All of our courses on the Learning Lab are developed with our corporate supporters or through a revenue-sharing model supporting other ventures. If you’d like to discuss developing a Learning Lab course please contact Heather <heather@thedoyennegroup.com>

Learning Teams - (This program is discussed at length in the January 2022 Founder Blog)

Triple Threat Venture Training - Our 12-week strategy development program is now fully funded through corporate supporters giving us the ability to award unrestricted grants to those who participate and complete all aspects of the program. A $500 deposit (payment plans available upon request) is required to apply for the program, but if you complete all aspects (or are denied entry) you will be refunded the full $500.

Doyenne will continue to host two cohorts of the Triple Threat Venture Training program in 2022. Registration for our 2022 Cohorts:

    Spring (March-June) closes March 22, 2022
    Fall (September-November) closes August 30, 2022

Both cohort registrations are currently open. The program is application based with a maximum of 10 ventures selected for each cohort based on needs and goals outlined in their application.

Doyenne will continue to partner with local organizations Step Up: Equity Matters and Relumed for workshops during the program. Each participant is matched with a Doyenne Coach and will receive a minimum of 5 hours of one-on-one coaching services. In addition to coaching, participants will go through 2-3 hours of Doyenne Mentor support and the Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training Workbook to guide them through work done in the program. 

Additionally, Doyenne is partnering with KOKORO for the Financial Resilience Learning workshop and the new Triple Threat After Care 8 week program (increasing the program timeline from 12 to 20 weeks). We tested this partnership during the Fall 2021 Triple Threat Venture Training program and participants all raved about the guidance and outcomes they experienced thanks to this partnership. 

Doyenne is also starting to white label our Triple Threat Venture Training program for other organizations to partner with and have the program be labeled as “‘YOUR ORG’S NAME’ Triple Threat Venture Training hosted by Doyenne” where Doyenne leadership will organize and run the program for your organization. To learn more about this opportunity and pricing rates please contact Heather <heather@thedoyennegroup.com>

Coaching within Doyenne - Doyenne Coaches are unique humans who give of their time and talent to support entrepreneurs continued success and growth. To date we have had three types of coaches available

    One-on-One Office Hours: Coaches provide 4-5 hours per month to meet with Doyenne members for coaching sessions
    Doyenne Programming Coaches: Serve as a one-on-one coach during Doyenne programming (ie: Triple Threat Venture Training)
    Doyenne Mentors: Serve as someone to support entrepreneurs by providing feedback in 1-2 hour time segments (ie: Triple Threat Venture Training, 5x5x5 Pitch
                               Practice Sessions, and Learning Teams)

Starting in 2022, Doyenne will continue to offer one-on-one coaching services, but only with Heather. All Coaches who were one-on-one coaches will continued to be referenced and introduced to through those who meet for coaching with Heather and be able to coach & mentor through the #2 and #3 options listed above. 

One-on-One Coaching services were part of the member benefits, and also available for $100/session for non-members or members who wanted additional coaching beyond what was included in their membership plan. Coaching with Heather will continue to be at highly discounted rates for any entrepreneur and/or organization who registers for a session at the following price points. This program is expected to launch in February 2022.

    Initial 30-minute Introduction Session to outline goals and fit - Free
    One Hour Coaching Session with Founder - $50
    Twice per Month One Hour Coaching Session with Founder Subscription - $75/month
    One Hour Coaching Session with startup team (2-5 participants) - $150
    One Hour Coaching Session with startup team (6+ participants) - $250
    Corporate Workshop/Training - $250/hour for delivery of workshop/training + development time + any meeting time preparing for workshop/training

5x5x5 - No change to the format of the program, but the 5 participants from each 5x5x5 event will now be receiving a free 3 month subscription to the “Twice per Month” coaching package as outlined under “One-on-One Coaching” above. Previously the grantee was required to partake in an upcoming Triple Threat Venture Training program while the other four participants were not awarded any opportunities beyond a free year of membership.

Our two 5x5x5 event dates are set and applications are open for the Spring 5x5x5 event.

  • Spring 5x5x5 - Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 4:00-5:30 PM CDT
    Application closes March 29, 2022

  • Forward Fest 5x5x5 - Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 9:00-10:30 AM CDT
    Application open April 1 - June 17, 2022

Doyenne Evergreen Fund - All dollars within the fund have been allocated as of June 2021. We are unable to fund additional ventures through the Doyenne Evergreen Fund.

This is a lot of information! If you made it this far, thank you for continuing to read :) I’ll be breaking all this information down into small bits over the next few months so no need to memorize it all now. Keep watching the social channels, email, and newsletters for updates, opportunities, and reminders from Doyenne.

Happy 2022! We look forward to continuing to work with early-stage, women and/or marginalized gender(s) entrepreneurs running scalable ventures in efforts to close gender gaps and create entrepreneurial ecosystems that serve entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.