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Become a Member of Doyenne

Unlock & Unleash the Doyenne Community in supporting you

 Being a member of Doyenne is more than just access to our programming and coaches. As a member of Doyenne you are part of the Doyenne Community, which means we got your back! Members are encouraged to connect to promote their own opportunities and successes, and also ask for introductions and connections to trusted people within our vast networks to help grow their ventures.

Doyenne will also promote you through our programming, media, newsletters, and by telling others to support you and your business in our everyday interactions. 

Membership to Doyenne is targeted for early-stage women entrepreneurs, but you don't have to have launched a venture to join.

                             If you have recently started, or are ready to go full-time within your venture, Doyenne is the right place for you.

            If you are someone who is aspiring to start your own venture someday in the near or distant future, Doyenne is the right place for you.

               If you want to surround yourself around other strong, independent, audacious women leaders, Doyenne is the right place for you.

            If you're looking for a group where you don't have to compete to be seen or taken seriously, Doyenne is the right place for you.

If you are a supporter of women entrepreneurs and want to see gender parity within our entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country where
                        women automatically have all of the same advantages as our male counterparts, Doyenne is the right place for you.