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Think being a parent makes you a bad entrepreneur? Think again.

There’s a new wave of “homemaker” propaganda going around that plays on our fear of screwing up our kids. It’s time to reject this cultural narrative.

Amy Gannon
July 2019 — 70 views

In the Spotlight: Kristen Slack, founder of Prof2Prof

Kristen Slack wants academics to stop reinventing the wheel, so she’s building an online platform to help — while continuing to work full-time as a professor at UW-Madison.

Olivia Barrow
July 2019 — 50 views

Sponsored Content: Whatever your path to entrepreneurship, bring your banker along

Pam Keiner and Megan Hile followed different paths to entrepreneurship, but both Madison-area business owners have found value in developing a close relationship with their banker.

Olivia Barrow
July 2019 — 34 views