Doyenne Membership. You don't need an MBA. You need a network.

What is doyenne?

Doyenne is a nonprofit organization that supports women entrepreneurs around the U.S. who are actively building a scalable venture and who are looking to network with other founders, build their entrepreneurial skills, and chart their path forward.

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grow your network

"When I don’t know what to do next in my business, I go to Doyenne, and ask who I can connect with to work through this problem.”

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 build your skills

“Being in the Doyenne network has exposed me to founders who are thinking on a completely different scale."

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develop your strategy

“Doyenne helped me see my venture through an investor's eyes and figure out better messaging."

Membership benefits

Are you ready to start or scale your venture? A Doyenne Membership gives you access to highly impactful programs, resources, and connections. You'll get to network with other female founders, seek the advice of experts during one-on-one coaching sessions, and have access to an on-demand library of classes on topics such as understanding cash flow, mastering marketing strategies, hiring employees and creating a healthy workplace culture, protecting your intellectual property, and so much more.

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Membership Levels


This membership level is ideal for founders who are actively validating their idea and laying the foundation for a scalable technology or product venture.

$ 25 .00

/ month (billed monthly)


This membership level empowers founders who have already launched their venture to scale at a faster rate and/or prepare to take on outside investment.

$  50 .00

/ month (billed monthly)

is doyenne right for me?

If you want to grow your venture beyond a one-person show, Doyenne Membership is right for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

— Emerging
— Early Stage
— Established
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You have identified the need for a scalable product, service, or platform. You’re still validating your solution, and you haven’t started selling yet. You’re looking for help navigating the entrepreneurial ecosystem and someone to help you lay out a strategy that will get you to your minimum viable product (MVP) launch.

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You have a minimum viable product (MVP), you’ve started selling, and now you’re looking to define your strategy for reaching a broader audience.

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Your venture has been profitable for several years, and now you’re seeking to enter new markets or pivot to a new revenue model, while also offering support to other entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journey.


Still have questions? We hold free info sessions for prospective members several times per month on Zoom where you can ask all of your questions! 

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As an organization created to support women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, we believe in supporting women-owned businesses whenever possible with our own operating budget. We work to empower women to know their value and demand it in the marketplace, and it would be in direct contradiction to our mission to then ask women-owned businesses to volunteer their time and talent when they provide us services. 

As a nonprofit, we raise money from individual, foundation and corporate donors to cover the operations and overhead of the organization. Membership fees and program fees cover the actual costs of running the programs—the fees we pay to the businesses we partner with to offer world-class training, the grants we award to pitch contest winners, etc. Thanks to our many sponsors, we are able to offer these programs at a significant discount as compared to the training and coaching programs available from for-profit coaches and professional development organizations. 

Additionally, we have found that when our members have some skin in the game, they prioritize working on their business strategy and they take greater advantage of our membership benefits, and as a result, their businesses grow at a faster rate than if they receive a free membership. 

You don't need an MBA. You need a network.

Become a Doyenne member and start growing your venture.