Audacity in Action

Exploring the intersection of innovation & inclusion

In the Spotlight: Dr. Aaron Olson, co-founder of NovoMoto

Rent-to-own solar electrical systems to families and businesses in rural Congo,

Olivia Barrow
February 2020 — 47 views

Why entrepreneurial ecosystems need women-centric spaces

Amy paints a picture of a day in the life of a woman entrepreneur in male-dominated spaces

Olivia Barrow
February 2020 — 123 views

Doyenne Headquarters Update

February 2020

Olivia Barrow
February 2020 — 83 views

Dr. Amy Gannon’s 5 Rules for Founders

(as compiled by her ghostwriter)

Olivia Barrow
January 2020 — 344 views

“We’ve Got This”

Heather Reflects on 7 Years with Amy

Olivia Barrow
January 2020 — 317 views

The Last Time Dr. Amy Gannon Ever Apologized

A tribute to an incredible mentor and friend

Olivia Barrow
January 2020 — 1101 views

Want to scale? Figure out who your primary customer is first

Heather reflects on how laying the foundation for national expansion has helped Doyenne home in on its target audience.

, Heather Wentler
December 2019 — 72 views

In the Spotlight: Alicia Robb, founder of Next Wave Impact

There aren’t enough women angel investors in the world, and it’s not because women don’t have money. Alicia Robb is working to fix that — and the entire startup funding model while she’s at it.

Olivia Barrow
December 2019 — 45 views

Why your co-founder should drive you (a little) bonkers

In a beautiful tribute to Amy and Heather's co-founder journey, Amy shares how learning to be a better partner is challenging her to more openly share her emotions.

Amy Gannon
November 2019 — 52 views

In the Spotlight: Chioma Amegashie, Founder & CEO of MOSAIC Box

Retail and product expert Chioma Amegashie won Doyenne’s 5x5x5 pitch competition this year, and now — just in time for the holidays — she has a plan to turn that $5K grant into hundreds of subscribers for her jewelry and gift business.

Olivia Barrow
November 2019 — 50 views

In the Spotlight: Cecilia Wessinger, founder of Mass Collaboration

Cecilia Wessing has been developing entrepreneurial ecosystems since before it was cool. Or at least, since anyone knew to call it that.

Olivia Barrow
October 2019 — 43 views

How to navigate the iceberg of co-founder conflict before it sinks your venture

Co-founder conflict is normal and healthy. It’s time to end the stigma that presents it as shameful.

, Heather Wentler
October 2019 — 42 views

5 steps to pulling yourself out of entrepreneurial desperation

Ever find yourself in a desperate "try anything" panic as an entrepreneur? Amy has tips to help you distinguish between the band-aid and the strategy and get back to building a sustainable business

Amy Gannon
September 2019 — 59 views

In the Spotlight: Laurel Burleson, founder of Ugly Apple

Laurel Burleson is channeling her passion for eliminating food waste into an innovative food production business, but she has to fight her own creative impulses along the way.

Olivia Barrow
September 2019 — 40 views

How to protect your brand as your business grows

Two Madison-based women entrepreneurs share their insight into how they’ve maintained their culture and reputation while growing from one location to four or more.

Olivia Barrow
September 2019 — 45 views

How taking vacations can help you build businesses that scale

Taking time away can make the difference between burnout and breakthrough.

, Heather Wentler
August 2019 — 47 views

In the Spotlight: Kristen Berman, co-founder of Irrational Labs

People are irrational, but predictable. Kristen Berman shares how behavioral economics can help entrepreneurs increase the health, wealth and happiness of their users.

Olivia Barrow
August 2019 — 39 views

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Before Starting a Business

Tanya Zhykharevich, co-founder of RED, shares what she wishes she knew before launching the sushi restaurant eight years ago.

Olivia Barrow
August 2019 — 42 views

Think being a parent makes you a bad entrepreneur? Think again.

There’s a new wave of “homemaker” propaganda going around that plays on our fear of screwing up our kids. It’s time to reject this cultural narrative.

Amy Gannon
July 2019 — 70 views

In the Spotlight: Kristen Slack, founder of Prof2Prof

Kristen Slack wants academics to stop reinventing the wheel, so she’s building an online platform to help — while continuing to work full-time as a professor at UW-Madison.

Olivia Barrow
July 2019 — 53 views